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Dr. Ben Sarlin pursued medical study in England for three years and received his M.D. degree from Xavier University. He did clinical rotations in Atlanta, GA and  He received a Masters in Nutrition from Columbia University and Bachelors from Cornell University. His specialty includes obesity, heart disease, and Cancer prevention. He is also skilled in wildlife Nutrition, fertility, Crohns and counseling for spiritual and emotional well-being. Dr. Sarlin interned for a year under a Naturopath at Hickey Pharmacy in NY. He is author of "Everything They Don't Teach at Harvard Medical School, A Diet for a Little Planet."  Please note that in NY state, under NY Education Law 8211, that Dr. Sarlin practices as a Clinical Nutritionist and advises the patient to consult  a licensed physician for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.  Dr. Sarlin advises each patient as to the importance of consulting a licensed physician for appropriate diagnosis and treatment and in NY state an ND or Nutritionist may not conduct diagnostic procedures. 

More about Naturopathic Medicine:

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