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Naturopathic Doctors 
Naturopathic Doctors combine the healing wisdom of Botanical medicine with the diagnostic insight of Western Medicine. They offer remedies for one’s health free of side effects and toxicity.  A Naturopathic practice strives for  balance , healing, and restoration.  Some of the therapies include Botanical remedies, detoxification, spiritual and emotional counseling.  A patient  learns the importance of  prevention of  toxicity from industrial chemicals, environmental pollutants and  medical pharmaceuticals.  A Naturopathic doctor works to restore balance in a gentle and effective way, minimizing the potential for side effects. In Europe, Japan, and Israel, more people seek out Alternative Medicine remedies today than Western Medical ones. The naturopathic doctor gives respect to the mind-body connection and the body’s ability to heal itself. Naturopaths are experts in the use of natural remedies, drug-food and drug-herb interactions. They serve on the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, prominent hospitals that want alternatives to pharmaceutical care and surgery, and Integrative  Pharmacies throughout the country. 
About the Book
In the past ten years, we have had many books in health and nutrition simply replicate the themes in “The Zone Diet” by Barry Sears, which changed the way we think about carbohydrate and our health.  “Everything They Don't Teach at Harvard Medical School, A Diet for a Little Planet" by Dr. Ben Sarlin ND MS uncovers exactly and specifically how the molecule we call fat is made in the body in a way a teenager can understand.The support for the design on how fat is made comes not from Okinawa, the French Riviera, or South Beach, but from little known secrets in the animal kingdom.  Why didn't any book ever answer how fat was made. It would solve so many problems! Cattle raising has already been the cause of 90% of the South American rainforest destruction. Most low carbohydrate diets are high meat and are sending out the wrong message. This book recaptures the progressive spirit of Rachel Carson's “Silent Spring” which launched the environmental movement. Editors at Rockefeller University, the most prestigious Research Center in the country said about the original paper that was turned into a book, “Congratulations, this completes the puzzle of obesity. It’s fifty years ahead of our time.” 



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