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Dr. Ben Sarlin pursued medical study in England for three years and received his M.D. degree from Xavier University. He did clinical rotations in Atlanta, GA.  He received a Masters in Nutrition from Columbia University and Bachelors from Cornell University. His areas of specialty in nutrition include obesity, heart disease, Cancer, Crohns, addiction and sleep disorders.   He is an expert herbalist in Western and Ayurvedic herbs and offers the emotional freedom technique and twelve step programs as part of his addiction and recovery programs in support of nutritional therapies. He is author of "Everything They Don't Teach at Harvard Medical School, A Diet for a Little Planet.” This book uncovers exactly and specifically how the molecule we call fat is made in the body in a way a teenager can understand.  The support for the design on how fat is made comes not from Okinawa, the French Riviera, or South Beach, but from little known secrets in the animal kingdom.  It offers a long term Anti-Cancer diet based on low glycemic foods, low insulin levels and high vegetable intake.

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