Dr. Ben Sarlin N.D. M.S.

Obesity Prevention

"Everything They Don't Teach at Harvard Medical School", A Diet by Dr. Ben Sarlin

-Illustrates actual fat-making pathway in body for first time, Disproves caloric theory

-Introduces first “Microbiotic” diet with lessons from entire Animal Kingdom and Nature.

-Not just weight loss, also Holistic, anti-Cancer and promotes spiritual well-being, high in vegetarian

 protein and low in animal protein

-Goes beyond omnivore thinking of Pollan's "Omnivore's Dilemma" and classifies humans as 

Carnivore based on tooth structure, gut, and pancreas size.


-Focuses only on role of insulin in diet

-Does not disprove caloric theory, no explanation on how fat is made. 

-High meat and dairy intake is not holistic, long-term diet

-High meat content is not Anti-Cancer or environmentally friendly

-Paleolithic diet (40-30-30 diet) is only appropriate for hunter-gatherer nations or athletes

-Do not focus on  heart disease as result of  sugar and glycosylation

-Promotes high grain and fruit, hyperglycemia and diabetes

-Focuses on cholesterol as cause of heart disease rather than sugar and glycosylation

-Diet high in grain and fruit induces hyperinsulinemia, the most potent Cancer agent

-Small portions is key to approach

-Focuses on cholesterol as cause of heart disease rather than sugar and glycosylation

-Diet is not holistic, Anti-Cancer, or environmentally sound

Goals of Our Program:

Identify the Forces and Causes Preventing You from Losing Weight 

Natural Blood sugar control Supplements that Assist in Weight Loss

Supplements that help detoxify and calm

Herbal formulas that block conversion of glucose to fat

Use of Medications such as glucophage and others

Cortisol (stress hormone) control formulations

Anti- Cancer

Digestive system improvement and reduced Food Sensitivities

Lifestyle and Exercise Modification

Support for Eating Disorders

Holistic spiritual and emotional guidance

Proven clinical success

Some Causes of Weight Gain:

Total Carbohydrate Intake

Incorrect diet

Missed thyroid condition

Need TRH test

Missed insulin resistance



Emotional Stress and Overeating

Limited Exercise

Miscommunication on Foods and Food Groups that Cause Weight Gain

Peer Pressure and Influence of Family and Friends

Popular Culture and Television Ads

Lack of Fulfilling Activities and Hobbies

Diets that Have Incorrect Scientific Foundations

Services included:

Blood sugar monitoring

Menu Plans and Recipes

Clinical Nutrition counseling                

Diabetes Education               

Fertility counseling

Homeopathic and Botanical Medicine     

Information on Food-Food and Food-drug interaction                               

Counseling and Biofeedback techniques


Fit Test, Stress Test to assess weight problems

Improvement of Food Allergies and Intolerance